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Want to carry full spectrum CBD in your store? Our production team offers a few solutions to accommodate both new and established retail stores and wellness centers.


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Why CBD Wholesale?

Thanks to a rise in research and overwhelmingly positive consumer feedback, full spectrum hemp oil products have taken to an explosion of popularity. Hemp oil, particularly full spectrum, offers relief to a myriad of ailments found in both humans and animals, and the demand for high quality hemp oil is unquenchable. Grab your customer’s attention with a selection of 100% organic full spectrum products that are ready and begging to be plucked off the shelf!

Why Choose Sonic Science CBD Wholesale?

Sonic Science CBD takes pride in producing effective and reliable full spectrum products from organically grown American hemp. Whether your business is local or corporate, Sonic Science CBD makes reselling hemp oil easy and fun!

  • Full Spectrum Only – No Isolates We offer various full spectrum products from oil to pain salve and are crazy about cannabinoids. We don’t believe in isolates – our extracts contain a botanical blend of a dozen beneficial cannabinoids and therapeutic terpenes. We utilize the entire hemp plant to achieve a wider window of relief at lower dosages for our customers, which cannot be achieved by CBD alone.
  • Third Party Testing We are your one-stop shop for premium lab tested hemp products! All products are made from organic hemp grown in sunny Colorado at our pharmacist-licensed facility in accordance with all federal requirements.
  • No Strings Attached We offer wholesale solutions with no minimums and we’ll even buy our products back from you if you have trouble selling them. Your order is hand-packed by our team and delivered straight to your door, ready to sparkle on the shelves of your store. Need White Label solutions? We’ve got you covered!

How To Get Started As A Hemp reseller

Please fill out the application to the right in its entirety. Once you’ve submitted your application, our sales team will get in touch with you to finalize all details and answer any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and growing with each other!

If you have any questions prior to completing your application, you can always contact us at orders@sonicsciencecbd.com. We are always happy to provide supplemental information to help your employees and customers learn about the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil.

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