What Is CBD For Pets?

Recent changes in the law have made medicines containing cannabidiol (CBD) more accessible for people managing chronic conditions. The question now for pet owners is whether pets can derive the same benefits as seen in some people.

What Is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound derived, typically, from hemp. Although cannabidiol is related to cannabis, it doesn’t lead to the same “stoned” feelings as cannabis and could have medicinal properties. It’s worth pointing out that although specific species of plant, like Cannabis Sativa L, are particularly high in cannabidiols, other plants contain the substance too, including chocolate, echinacea, and pepper. Humans and some pets (mainly mammals) create their own cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids (with the “endo” meaning, created from within). Although cannabinoids themselves are psychoactive – meaning that they have an effect on the brain – CBD oils are not.

How & why: cbd used for pets

Many people say that CBD oils and other cannabinoids help them manage things like chronic pain better than the leading pharmaceutical drugs. So now pet owners are asking whether CBD oil is suitable for pets too.

Pets and people are much more alike than you might think. Although there are critical differences in metabolism, the effects of CBD seem to be relatively consistent across the species barrier. This consistency has led many to believe that experimenting with CBD oil might be a good idea, especially to help control dogs with anxiety issue or unruly behavior.

Traditional treatment for nervousness usually takes the form of daily exercise, special games, and providing treats. But many pet owners find that these methods are only partially effective. They are now asking themselves whether CBD oil could be the cure for anxiety problems that they’ve been waiting for, reducing the need for expensive and lengthy programs which may not work.

What’s more, CBD oil for pets is generally considered safe because it appears to have no adverse psychoactive effects. The only impact it does seem to have on the mind is positive, helping to reduce or eliminate cases of anxiety or nervousness. CBD oil is seen as a time- and cost-effective way of dealing with some of the most intractable psychological problems that pets experience.


So how do you deliver CBD to your pet?


The most common method for delivering CBD oil to pets is through what’s known as a sublingual tincture. You place the tincture under the animal’s tongue and give the required dosage.

Many pet owners are fans of sublingual tinctures because they make it easy to deliver the dose, it’s easy to measure how much to give, and you can quickly change the quantity if you believe that you need more or less.

CBD oil can also be administered in other ways, including adding the oil to your pet’s food or putting it in their water bowl.

symptoms & conditions cbd oil can relieve

CBD oil is not a treatment for any underlying conditions that your pet may have, but like many conventional pharmaceutical drugs, it can be used to relieve symptoms. So what is it used for?


  • Cancer. Cancer can cause pain for pets, even if it isn’t life-threatening. CBD oil can relieve the pain.
  • Stomach issues. Many pets can experience increased frequency of stomach issues as they age. CBD oil can help regulate and relax the bowel.
  • Seizures. CBD for pets can help to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures – particularly prevalent among some dog breeds after a certain age.
  • Pain. Just as in people, CBD is used for pain management. Animals in pain will tend to appear depressed and not want to enjoy their usual activities.
  • Inflammation. Inflammation, either as a result of injury or old age, can affect a pet’s quality of life. CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Poor appetite. There is some evidence that CBD oil can help pets better regulate appetite, although THC is believed to be the best for this purpose.

cbd dosing for pets

So how much CBD oil should you give to your pet? The good news is that the dosage depends on how much your pet weighs. To begin with, you may want to start with a low dose to make sure that there are no adverse reactions. Then, over time, you may want to increase the dosage, making sure you stay within the following guidelines.

  • Low dose: 0.05 mg per pound body weight
  • Medium dose: 0.125 mg per pound body weight
  • High dose: 0.25 mg per pound body weight.

You should administer these doses twice daily, once in the morning, and then in the evening.

So what does this look like in practice? Let’s say that you have a pet dog who weighs 32 lbs. To give the dog a low dose, you’ll use the tincture to measure a dose of 0.05mg x 32 = 1.60 mg. You will, therefore, administer a 1.6 mg dose, twice daily. Our 20mg pet cbd tincture allows you to dispense the perfect amount every time. 

Once you’ve applied the dosage, make sure that you observe your pets for any adverse or unusual reactions to the CBD oil. If you are worried, you can use a minimal dosage to begin with and then work your way up from there.

cbd dosing for pets

One of the primary reasons CBD oils is now so popular is that it both appears to be effective, and it helps owners to train dogs who are nervous or don’t respond to instructions well. CBD seems to come with many of the benefits of cannabis – such as the ability to regulate anxiety and pain – but without the downsides, including the psychoactive effect.

CBD oil for dogs may help with their training, reducing nervousness and increasing concentration. Many practitioners believe that the substance will prove to be especially useful for rescue dogs, or dogs with a naturally inhibited disposition. Dogs that freak out at the sound of everyday noises may benefit from the ability of CBD to regulate the mind without resulting in what might be colloquially called a “high.”

Because the science of CBD oil for dogs is still so young, it’s inevitable that people are just getting started with how to use this substance best. Although some owners are already using CBD oil for dogs, it will still be some time before the wider, pet-owning public, will understand and use it. While that happens, many savvy pet owners are taking the opportunity to use this safe product on their beds, deriving many of the benefits that cancer patients receive from smoking cannabis, but without the usual drawbacks.

Dog training needn’t be a challenge anymore. With the right approach and doses, many dogs can benefit from CBD oil and get the training they need to have a normal, healthy life.

cbd dosing for pets

Although there are a lot of people who say that CBD oil is useful for pets, most conscientious owners want proof before giving their animals treatment. So are there any studies that back up the claims?

Study #1: Cannabinoids Suppress Pain

A study by Derick Wade at the Oxford Centre for Enablement found that people who smoked cannabis experienced a reduction in pain. Since CBD is a constituent of cannabis, this strongly suggests that it too may be able to reduce the pain that both humans and pets experience.

Study #2: CBD May Be Anti-Epileptic

Studies in animals show that exposure to cannabis may reduce the frequency of seizures associated with epilepsy and MS. CBD may have even more significant benefits. It’s worth pointing out, however, that scientists have called for larger trials with more participants to make sure that the antiepileptic effect is genuine.

Study #3: CBD May Help With Glaucoma

Researchers at the Department of Human Health and Services have found that cannabinoids may have therapeutic effects for patients with cancer, including reducing the severity of their glaucoma. Medicinal cannabis reduces the pressure behind the eye, helping to relieve pain.

Study #4: Cannabidiol Restores Liver Function

People with a disease called hepatic encephalopathy experience a range of psychological problems related to underlying liver disease. Scientists wanted to find out whether mice with the same condition were able to recover if they fed then cannabidiol. They discovered that when they gave them the oil, not only did it improve brain function, but it also helped to repair the damage in the liver, allowing it to function normally again. Importantly, this study was carried out in animals, not people, suggesting that pets could benefit.

Study #5: CBD May Reduce Nausea

There is a lot of evidence which suggests that the body’s natural endocannabinoid system regulates the desire to vomit, both in humans and in pets. The results of a study by scientists at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, suggest that the use of CBD can inhibit the gag reflex in rats, and reduce feelings of nausea.

 It’s worth pointing out that the science of the efficacy of cannabidiols on specific diseases and conditions is new, and the number of studies in everyday pets is small. With that said, there is a growing body of evidence which suggests that this plant-derived compound may be highly effective at regulating certain conditions and improving quality of life for animals.

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